Alpha Flight

With 130 issues and 2 annuals, Alpha Flight comics were Canada’s answer to the U.S. superheroes. In this case, Alpha Flight was a group sponsored by the Canadian government. In the first issue of this series, readers are introduced to Persuasion, the daughter of Purple Man, who has power to control the minds of others. She does this by emitting pheromones to anyone near her that makes them obey any command she gives them. A side effect of this is that these people will also turn purple like Persuasion.

In the second issue of Alpha Flight, the government starts to use mind control to force members of the team to stay where they are on the team. This force is also used on younger people. In subsequent issues, readers meet Murmur, a French Canadian lady who also the power to control anyone she touches.

Several team members try to get away from Alpha Flight and they are not aware that all their actions are being monitored. They wind up at the Food for Thought restaurant in Toronto, where they fall under the spell of the evil Mesmero and the find that their psychic powers are no match against his well developed skills. The regular members attempt to rescue their friends. Mesmero turns Murmer’s powers against her but in doing this he actually helps her to free herself from him. She in turn then helps to free her friends.

Alpha Flight was different from the regular superhero comic books in two regards. It was the first one that dealt with a totally Canadian group of heroes and it was the first one that dealt with the power of hypnotism in a superhero.

Another member of this elite force is Northstar – the most eligible bachelor in Montreal. Despite comments that he didn’t like women, giving the idea that he was gay. Sexuality was not a topic that was dealt with in comic books.