Justice Society of America

The Justice Society of America was the first group of superheroes of comic book fame. It was a series that ran in All Star Comics from 1040 until 1951. This length of time denotes the longest running comic book series during what has become known as the Golden Age of Comics. Many of the members of the Justice Society of America were well known as superheroes with their own comic books, such as the Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and it even counted Superman and Batman as honorary members.

The original idea behind the creation of the Justice Society of America was to bring out superheroes that were not all that popular and would include two characters from both the National and All American magazines. This is how most of the superheroes became members. The intention was that once these characters had their own titles, they would retire from the Justice Society of America and fight their own crimes. As this happened, each character was replaced with a new superhero until such time as he/she became popular. Wonder Woman was the exception to this rule, becoming first the secretary and then a full-fledged member even though she had her own series.

The Justice Society of America was an immediate hit with comic book readers. In fact it became so popular that a Justice Society of America fan club was formed and the membership reached in excess of 100,000. Sometimes superheroes were dropped from the society because their popularity declined.

During what has been called the Dark Age of Comics – the 1950’s, there were no issues of the Justice Society of America published. During the 1970’s with the renewed success of the Green Lantern and others, the group re-emerged in two issues in 1963 and would continue throughout the Silver Age. During the 1970’s when the comics of the Golden Age experienced a dramatic comeback, so did the Justice Society of America and the members also met up with historic figures such as Captain Marvel. The group teamed up with the Justice League of America and continued to battle the forces of evil.