Mutant X

Mutant X is the name of a comic book published by Marvel Comics. Written by Howard Mackie, it features Havok (Alex) of the X-Men being transported into a parallel dimension. The universe of the Mutant X is the reimagination of the Earth –616 universe, where Scott Summers (The Cyclops) and his parents have been captured by the evil Shi’Ar. Alex was the only one of the X-Men family to escape.

In the Mutant X comics, many of the superheroes of other comics books are portrayed as the evil characters that Havok (Alex) has to fight. At the beginning of the series, Alex is the leader of six superheroes that have been transformed inside this universe

• Ice Man who cannot control his powers

• The Brute (The Beast) who is mentally deficient and unstable

• Bloodstorm (Storm changed into a vampire who ate Shadowcat and the Forge)

• Fallen who is actually Archangel with wings

• Marvel Woman who later marries Alex

The Mutant X comic book series ran for 32 and issues and two annuals, with Alex regaining his consciousness and returning to his own universe. There are certain Mutant X comic books that have more value to collectors and others. For example in issue 31 the writers made a mistake of sorts when during the fight between Havok and Captain America a bomb blast levelled Canada, but did nothing to shatter the thin walls of the Iceman’s body.

In the fall of 2001, the Mutant X characters came to life on television in a one hour series that was successful for three seasons. This action packed series made the comic books even more popular and sales skyrocketed. The Mutant X characters do not have any real connection to the X-Men characters apart from the fact that they are spin-offs from the characters.