Comic Book Wallpaper

No matter who your favorite comic book character, you can get comic book wallpaper in that design. The wallpaper you choose for your desktop can be the picture of the character, a scene for one of the comics, the cover of a particular comic book or even the scene for the movie. There are many Internet sites where you can download the wallpaper you want free of charge. When you find a picture that you would like to have displayed on your computer screen, all you have to do is double click the small image to make it larger. Then you right click to save that image to your computer and set as the background.

The meaning of the phrase 'comic book wallpaper' has changed since the early days of comics. At one time this phrase referred to the patterns of comic characters that children had on the walls of their bedroom. Paint and wallpaper stores did good business from families with small children who had their favorite superhero and wanted to wake up to see him/her in their room each morning. Parents often has a difficult time putting the wallpaper on the walls, trying to get all the patterns to match and making sure that the glue kept the paper adhered to the wall.

While the comic book wallpaper as home décor went out of style, posters of comic book characters has not. There are still ample supplies of posters of all the popular characters for sale at comic book stores, comic book conventions and trade shows. On every Internet site that sells comics you can also get posters of your favorite character and depending on the age of the posters some of these may actually be collector's items. When a comic book is made into a movie, posters abound and it is easy to pick one up, especially when the movie is released on DVD.