Star Wars Comics

One of the main reasons the Stars Wars series and the movies are so popular is because of the Star Wars Comics. Marvel started publishing these comics back in the 1970s and through reading the comics you get a deeper understanding of the characters. They help you understand some of their actions in the TV shows and movies that is almost impossible to understand simply by watching TV.

There are so many Star Wars comics that a listing of them has to be divided into series or listed through a timeline of Star Wars events. When the first Star Wars comics appeared on the market in 1977, they sold out completely and more printings had to be ordered. This was the first time that anything of this nature had ever happened in the comic book industry. At this time the comic book industry was in a slump with superheroes gradually fading away and the comedy comics not selling at all. The Star ways comics revived the industry and the first issue of the series was the first one since the release of Batman to sell more than one million copies.

Several publishers publish Star Wars Comics. Dark Horse Publishing has held the licence for the past ten years, but Marvel published 107 of these comics. Between the Marvel and Dark Horse publications, Blackthorn published some copies of Star Wars as well. Tyhis company put three issues of a 3-D comic, but they were only printed in low numbers and are now hard to find. If you should come across one of these issues, you should snatch it up because it is worth a lot of money.

The success of the Star Wars comics has spurned a whole new industry with movies and toys. Star Wars figures and games are very popular among children and there is even a Star Wars fan club with members in very country of the world.