Groo The Wanderer

Created by Sergio Aragones, Groo the Wanderer tells the story of a smart, but dangerous barbarian. He roams around with his loyal companion, a dog named Rufferto and leaves destruction wherever he goes. This comic was first published in 1981 and after 180 issues it is still going strong. One might think that this is another of the crime fighting comic books, but it isn’t. It is a comedy in which Groo constantly makes mistakes and doesn’t understand his surroundings.

Most of the adventures of Groo the Wanderer find him making terrible mistakes and having to flee from an angry mob of people out for blood. He walks away from the damage he causes because he doesn’t have the mentality to understand what he has done. At first, he is met with respect, but unwittingly he destroys towns and businesses and is so incompetent that he doesn’t even know how to step on board a huge ship without causing it to sink.

Groo the Wanderer fends off those out to get him by his exceptional skills with the sword. He loves swordfighting and often goes into battle with his cry “Now Groo does what Groo does best”. It doesn’t matter to him which side is right in a fight, just as long as he can get involved.

Almost every Groo the Wanderer adventure starts out with a poem and ends with a moral. His favorite food is cheese dip and whenever he gets a chance to have money, this is what he always buys. Almost like Steve Urkel’s famous line “Did I do that?” Groo always asks “Did I err?” when he does something wrong.

Although Groo the Wanderer was first published by Pacific Comics, it has since gone through several publishers, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and finally Dark Horse Comics. This is possible because this is one comic book where the author retains the rights and so can switch publishers whenever a better deal comes along.