the Mighty Thor

Based on Norse mythology, the Mighty Thor comic book series was the creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Norse god was introduced to comic book readers in 1962 in Journey into Mystery. Thor became so popular that the title was changed to the Nighty Thor and continues to delight readers today.

Throughout the series, Thor continues to be the main character. However, other Norse gods are drawn into the scenes and even though fans were more interested in the Greek and Roman mythology, they eagerly embraced the subject of Norse gods as well. The Greek and Roman gods were also thrown into the mix to keep the readers interested. With this superhero, it was the first time that any comic book publisher had ever used mythology to come up with a popular character that was never duplicated by any other superhero.

Many fans feel that the subject of Norse mythology is what accounted for the popularity of The Mighty Thor. Here was a subject that readers were not familiar with and could not relate to, so they wanted to read each issue to gain a greater knowledge of the Norse culture and mythology. Thor was the god of thunder and used a hammer, something that was unknown in a superhero.

The strength and ruthlessness of Thor was similar to that of Dr. Strange and other comic book characters. The unusual weapon, the hammer, set him apart from other characters and made him completely different. The physique of Thor was also different – a statue come to life with speech that was never attempted in comic books before with its combination of Biblical and Shakespearean phrases. Since he was a god, he had to be very large to portray that image and this made him much larger than the other characters who were shorter and smaller than he.