Golden Age Comics

The period from the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and 1959 is known as the period of the Golden Age comics. During this period the comics that were published started to depict adventures. Some of the most popular comic books during this time were Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy and Tarzan. These comics set the stage for the development of genre in the comic book field with science fiction, mystery and jungle stories being the first to emerge. Tarzan was an adaptation of the book, and Dick Tracy was inspired by the gang wars in Chicago, but nevertheless they set the stage for an exciting period in comic book history.

Golden Age comics saw the beginning of the superhero comics with the first character wearing a costume - the Phantom. As a result of the popularity, the comics centered on a superhero as the main character, fighting crime and befriending the downtrodden. Superman emerged in this era and for many collectors his debut marked the official beginning of the Golden Age.

During the years of the Second World War, no less than 400 superheroes emerged from the pages of comic books. Just about all of them were modelled after the image of Superman, two of whom became popular in their own right - Batman and Captain Marvel. A lot of the superhero characters served in the war and fought against Hitler's forces providing inspiration to those at home. Captain America is one of the superheroes who was depicted in comics as battling against Hitler himself.

The magazine format of the comic book began in the 1940s and it was during the 1950s that comic books started on a downturn. Many people began crusades against the use of comics by children accusing them of inciting prejudice and violence. However it was during this time that Charlie Brown emerged from the pencil of Charles Schultz who seemed to be a thinker and pondered many things that were happening in society at the time.