Adult Comic Books

Adult comic books refer to erotic themes and graphic artwork and are classified as pornography. Drawing pictures of men and women together is not new and has been around since ancient times. Along with the growth of the comic industry for children and teens, the adult comic books also grew and flourished. The nature of thesecomics differs depending on the part of the world that the book comes from. There are generally three recognized types of adult comic books - European, American and Japanese.

The artwork that you see in the European adult comic books ranges from abstract caricatures to hyper-realistic art. Most people prefer the caricature art because the latter one tends to make the characters too realistic. The settings for the stories tend to be realistic or based on mythology. Some of the best-selling titles in the European category are:

  • Wicked Willie
  • Click
  • Nina

In the Japanese adult comic books, there is no one predominant style. These books run the gamut of realistic to fantasy. Some of the stories are parodies on society or groups, while others are completely serious. Just about any subject is fair game in these comic books no matter how ridiculous the subject matter may seem. Some of the popular titles in this category are:

  • Angel
  • Dragon Pink
  • Secret Plot
  • Bondage Fairies

The market for adult comic books is so much smaller in North America than it is in other parts of the world. Most of what is published is a version of the comics from Europe or Japan and poor quality comics written for pornography markets. They are often very difficult to purchase because a recognized publishing house does not publish them. Very often they are copied by the person who creates and them and are sold independently. Some of the recognized titles are:

  • XXXenophile
  • Cream and Sugar
  • Girl
  • Cherry

It is difficult to bring the European and Japanese adult comic books into North America because of customs regulations and laws concerning the distribution of pornographic materials.

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